When it comes right down to it, design flaws are built into the DNA of an end product. Ensuring that your PCBs are designed with the most effective manufacturability can not only make you more money, but it will save you time, stress, and anxiety. Unfortunately, there are tons of common misconceptions in our industry. Engineers and Designers have the right image in their head, but when it comes down to effective manufacturing, we’ve found that taking a few simple steps can save you miles of extra work!

Although we strongly suggest selecting a reliable and reputable manufacturing partner, below is a list of seven deadly sins that we know can help you maximize the potential of your PCB Design from design to dock.

Deadly Sin #1

Solder mask clearance–do they really need to be that tight?  It is costing them more money!

Deadly Sin #2

Line width, spaces and traces–make sure they are reviewed and optimized so you’re not paying for extra design time—faster we can get it to production, the less expensive it is for the end user.

Deadly Sin #3

Specify requirements (Incomplete specs/conflicting specs).  Time is the enemy and when drawings are incomplete or notes with conflicting drawings.  Shortcuts do not work and only add to back-and-forth communication and production delays.

Deadly Sin #4

Make communication protocols known between organizations–this is critical to increase the time between engineering divisions at the PCB shop and the end user.

Deadly Sin #5

Change Controls–All revisions need to be logged and referenced before production.  The correct design level is critical.

Deadly Sin #6

Additional Requirements/testing after quoting–let the board shop be aware as soon as possible.  This can lead to major production issues.

Deadly Sin #7

Let your board shop know what type of application the board will be used for.  If there are harsh environmental elements, for example, that the circuit board will be exposed to, please inform the manufacturer’s design team so proper testing can be completed.

If you still have concerns or would like to ensure you are creating the most efficient design, we are here to help. Contact us at: customersupport@auroracircuits.com or fill out one of our forms.

Every printed circuit board is a story. Together, let’s create yours.